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Returnee Students

Welcome back from your experience abroad! We hope that it was a valuable experience from which you continue learning and growing. Now that you have returned, keep in mind that your experience is not over once you leave the airport. As you begin unpacking your luggage, do not forget that you will also have to ‘unpack’ your experience abroad.

Many students are prepared to encounter culture shock when they go abroad, but few are prepared to confront a similar challenge upon the return home - reverse culture shock.

  • Frustration
  • Boredom
  • Restlessness
  • Feelings of isolation or depression
  • Reverse homesickness
  • Changes in values, goals, priorities, and attitudes
  • Negativity towards your native culture
Our rapidly-changing world needs people who can learn and keep learning, adapt to change, and create new opportunities for themselves and others. Learning for a lifetime requires curiosity, initiative, and independence, as well as ability to reflect, transfer knowledge to new contexts, and integrate knowledge from more than one domain. We believe these are all skills that you acquired during your international experience and we hope that the Study Abroad Programs Office can help you continue to commit to learning for a lifetime.
  • Professional Development Workshop for Returnee Students: a three-hour workshop that focuses on helping past study abroad participants market the many skills and competencies you developed while abroad.
  • The Texas A&M Career Center workshops and events: The Career Center has several workshops and events that can prepare you to confidently enter the globalized market. The Career Center also assists with creating cover letters and resumes, and preparing for job interviews.
  • Student organizations
  • Explorations: Texas A&M Undergraduate Research Journal
  • ISMA: Mentor International Students on the College Station campus
  • Peer Counselor: Work in the Study Abroad Programs Office and help other students find their perfect program fit. Future jobs posted on JobsForAggies, hiring as needed.
Students are not limited to one study abroad program during their A&M career, but we do not recommend that students study aborad during their graduating semester. For a second study abroad program, students must once again meet with their academic advisor to ensure that the classes will work in their degree plan and will not delay graduation (unless desired). 

For funding, the Study Abroad Programs Office's scholarships can only be earned once per student per undergraduate career. Other Texas A&M study abroad scholarships vary according to college and department, national scholarships have varying requirements as well.
Many students complete a study abroad program to gain experience as a stepping stone to an international career post-graduation. There are many resources to help students in finding a career either abroad, within an international company or teaching English abroad. A few of these resources are listed below: