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International Travel Registration

Links for international research, intern, volunteer and conferences:

By clicking the appropriate "Register Here" button below, you are beginning a "Program Registration Application." This means you are registering your travel to comply with Standard Administrative Procedure 21.01.03.M0.02.

If you are going on a program organized by an A&M office or department, check the Study Abroad Portal to see if there is a specific application for your program. If so, you will complete that registration instead.

If you are going to a country under a U.S. Department of State Travel Warning (http://travel.state.gov/content/passports/english/alertswarnings.html), you are also required to register your travel through Concur, TAMU's system-wide travel and reporting system. If you are an employee or graduate assistant, you may do so through the Single Sign On system at: https://sso.tamus.edu. If you are not a University employee, talk to your academic department about how to access the Concur system. If you are an undergraduate student,  contact Aaron Klein (979-845-0544 or adklein@tamu.edu).
Participants must meet both the requirements of Texas A&M and the program provider to participate in the desired experience. In order to be approved by Texas A&M, students must fulfill the following criteria:

Undergraduate Student International Conference, Research, Intern, or Volunteer Experience

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Graduate/Professional Student International Conference, Research, Intern, or Volunteer Experience 

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Questions about this registration? Contact Aaron Klein (adklein@tamu.edu).