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Transfer Credit

A transfer credit study abroad program is an international program that is sponsored by a non-TAMU provider or an accredited institution. This type of study abroad program allows students the flexibility to choose from a variety of courses not offered at Texas A&M. For details on the next steps in planning, please reference the “Application Process” section. 

Students participating in affiliated programs can access the Texas A&M application facilitating pre-approval of the study abroad courses for transfer credit by searching for their provider in the A&M Study Abroad Portal.  If you are unable to find a specific affliated program in the Portal, please email tcstudyabroad@tamu.edu.
Transfer credit affiliated providers include: 

AIB: Akademie für internationale Bildung

CIEE: Council for International Educational Exchange

TEAN:  The Education Abroad Network

AIFS: American Institute for Foreign Study

ISA: International Studies Abroad

SFS: The School for Field Studies

API: Academic Programs International

Spanish Language School

USAC: University Studies Abroad Consortium

BCA Study Abroad: Brethren College Abroad

SRAS: School of Russian & Asian Studies

Veritas Christian Study Abroad (part of ISA)

CEA: Cultural Experiences Abroad

Sol Education Abroad




Students participating in non-affiliated program participants (e.g., study programs through another U.S. institution or direct enrollment with an accredited international institution) can access the Texas A&M General Transfer Credit Application facilitating pre-approval of the transfer credit study abroad courses here- https://studyabroadportal.tamu.edu/index.cfm?FuseAction=Programs.ViewProgram&Program_ID=17157.

In completing the required pre-departure steps with the Study Abroad Programs Office, students can ensure access to various Texas A&M resources such as financial aid, scholarships, and continuous enrollment status with the university while abroad. 

Program providers:
  • Coordinates international experiences for U.S. university students and charges a program fee inclusive of tuition and most on-site costs
  • Ideal for students who would like the majority of the program logistics planned with some flexibility (e.g., housing options and/or add-on features)
U.S. universities or colleges.
  • Ideal for students who would like the majority of the program logistics planned as well.
Foreign institutions through direct enrollment
  • Ideal for students who are familiar with the host destination and would like to enroll in classes along with local students
  • Courses and destinations available that may not be offered through Texas A&M University-sponsored programs
  • Access to additional scholarship opportunities
  • Greater variety of course offerings and program duration (3 weeks or longer)
  • Transfer study abroad coursework processed as pass/fail and not calculated into Texas A&M GPA
  • An opportunity to study with students from around the world and/or local students
  • Available add-on features might include internship/volunteer work, excursions, and flexible housing options

There are hundreds of transfer credit programs listed in our database, which have been vetted for quality and transferability of course credits. For a full list, please visit the A&M Study Abroad Portal at tx.ag/tcstudyabroad.

Note: although our database is a good starting point, students are not limited to these options. If you need further assistance in identifying additional options, please contact one of our Transfer Credit advisors.
Transfer credit study abroad programs require students to pre-approve coursework with Texas A&M via the Study Abroad Programs Office application, as well as apply directly with the sponsoring program provider or host institution to participate.
  1. Create an online application through the Texas A&M Study Abroad Portal:
    • If your program is listed in the search engine, you can search for the program, and then click “Apply Now.” Programs that we maintain include: AIB, AIFS, API, BCA, CEA, CIEE, The Education Abroad Network, ISA/Veritas, Kukulcan Language Institute, The School for Field Studies, Sol Education Abroad, SRAS, and USAC. If you are applying through one of these providers and your program is missing from our database, please contact our office at tcstudyabroad@tamu.edu
    • If you are planning to direct enroll into another institution or apply through a provider not listed above, click here to access the general transfer credit program application and then click “Apply Now.”
  2. Complete the Texas A&M University study abroad application which includes a Transfer Credit Study Abroad Pre-Approval Form. Please be sure to reference the Tutorial (http://stabstory.as.tamu.edu/Transfer_Credit_Pre_Approval_Form_output/story_html5.html). This tutorial is also embedded in your application. It may take 2-4 weeks to complete and route this form, which entails obtaining signatures of pre-approval from several academic departments and your college dean. Please do not search for this form online, as you must use the correct version assigned to your application. 
  3. Upon completion, turn the pre-approval form in to the Texas A&M Study Abroad Programs Office. Once processed, you will be prompted to "confirm" your participation in the program. 
  4. Apply directly to the provider or host institution coordinating your experience to secure participation.

Irene Scott, Jordan Threadgill, or Erin Kibler
Email: tcstudyabroad@tamu.edu

Telephone: 979.845.0544
The Transfer Credit Advising Team will announce details of the upcoming pre-departure orientation meeting by email approximately a month in advance. For summer, year, and fall transfer credit study abroad students, pre-departure orientation meetings will be held on April 30 and May 1You are required to attend one. RSVP - https://ers.tamu.edu/register.aspx?ScheduleId=25878

For spring and winter break transfer credit study abroad students, the required pre-departure orientation meeting will be held on a Reading Day in December. Please save the date for the applicable Reading Day based on the Texas A&M academic calendar. We will announce the official date(s) and time(s) after rooms have been reserved.