Field Trips

Field Trips can either be credit-bearing (offered in conjunction with a Texas A&M course) or non-credit bearing (such as volunteer or service learning program). These opportunities can be under the direction of a Texas A&M faculty or staff member. As the name suggests, these are short trips abroad that usually last one to two weeks. They can be academic or non-academic in nature, but they are typically designed for a group to travel together, complete a specific project or academic outcome, or pursue an activity related to the group's mission or purpose.

Faculty and staff leaders interested in coordinating a field trip should register the experience with the Study Abroad Programs Office in accordance with Standard Administrative Procedure 21.01.03.M0.02.

The Study Abroad Programs Office primarily provides risk management and emergency support for field trips. There is a $70 fee per student participant to cover the costs of administrative support and is inclusive of the overseas medical insurance and emergency evacuation coverage for participants/leaders. 

Academic field trip approvals: The Provost's Office Field Trip Approval form is required from academic departments/Colleges and can be completed electronically.

Timeline of submission for the field trip approval form for field trips to the Office of the Provost:
  • Summer: February 1
  • Fall: February 1
  • Spring: September 1
*Please note that fee approval forms must pass through the Study Abroad Programs Office prior to the deadlines above. Please plan accordingly*

All international field trips, be it credit- or non-credit bearing, must be registered through the Study Abroad Programs Office. Deadlines are listed on the registration links below.

To register a Field Trip (programs associated with an academic department/College, learning community, or course), begin the registration via the Field Trip Program Registration page.
To register an Athletics Trip (trips associated with an athletic team or group), begin the registration via the Athletics Trip Registration page.

A course offered as part of a Faculty Led Program should be taught almost entirely overseas, with at least 50% of the contact hours occurring while abroad. Faculty Led Program courses must obtain a special approval by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) before they can be offered/taught overseas versus on campus (or the University will not receive formula funding from the state based on student enrollment in these courses). A field trip can be part of a credit-bearing course, or a non-credit bearing program of its own. If a field trip is a required part of a credit-bearing course, more than half of the course (50%) must be taught on campus.