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Creating International Opportunities for Students

There are several ways in which faculty can become involved in international education at Texas A&M. The following opportunities are the most common.

Texas A&M University courses taught overseas by Texas A&M faculty. These courses are typically taught in English, with the exception of language credit programs. Students are provided with an academically enriching experience in the host country, complemented with culturally relevant excursions. Some faculty choose to create a hybrid faculty-led program in combining a Texas A&M course with a host institution (reciprocal exchange or transfer credit) course. Click here for a list of the current Faculty-Led Programs.
These programs are created through an agreement between Texas A&M and an overseas institution in which students have the opportunity to study one or two semesters at the foreign university. Students enroll as full-time, non-degree students at the host university, yet remain in full-time status at Texas A&M University and pay Texas A&M tuition and fees. State regulations require a balance in the number of incoming and outgoing students who participate in these programs.
Students apply directly to an international institution, a sponsoring U.S. institution, or program provider to enroll in coursework overseas and earn academic credit. Students have their coursework pre-approved so it will transfer back to Texas A&M and count towards their degree plan as pass/fail credit. Tuition and fees are paid to the host institution.
These programs are designed for a group of students to travel abroad together to complete a specific project, academic focus, or pursue an activity related to the group’s mission or purpose. This type of program may also be added as an overseas component to a course taught on campus. They can be credit bearing or non-credit bearing in nature. Texas A&M faculty, staff or student leaders guide and direct the groups. More information click here.
This type of program allows a group of students from Texas A&M to study at a foreign institution together. The programs are developed by academic departments with overseas institutions that facilitate the greatest number of transferable credits. The credits earned overseas transfer back to Texas A&M to count towards each student’s degree plan. Tuition and fees are paid to the host institution.
These opportunities provide students with practical, hands-on learning experience outside of the classroom. These experiences can be credit- or non-credit bearing in nature and provide students the opportunity to gain exposure in a particular field of study.