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Academic Advisors

Academic advisors play an integral role in the study abroad process for students. Many times students meet with an academic advisor to discuss what courses are best suited for an international experience, when is the best time to go abroad, and other questions related to study abroad. The Study Abroad Programs Office provides this section of the website to equip academic advisors when advising students who are interested in an international education experience.

The following list of resources may be of interest to academic advisors when meeting with students to discuss potential international education opportunities.
The following chart lists staff members to contact for specific program type questions. Additional Study Abroad Programs Office contact information can be found here.

Texas A&M Faculty Led Programs For program specific inforamtion, all staff; call main office (979.845.0544) to be directed to program advisor. For general program type information  OriĆ© Varner
Texas A&M Reciprocal Exchange Programs Ilana Blumenfeld-Gantz
Transfer Credit Programs Irene Scott
Research, Intern, Volunteer Experiences and International Conferences Aaron Klein
Short Trip Group Trips Aaron Klein
General Questions studyabroad@tamu.edu