Passport Services

The Study Abroad Programs Office offers passport services to the general public.  Additionally we offer photo services for those who need U.S. Passport sized photos for Optional Practical Training (OPT) or any other government applications or forms.  We can also take visa photos in a variety of sizes. Please read below for important information about applying for a new passport or renewing your soon to expire one.

For office location & contact information, click HERE

Our hours will be changing June 5, 2017. See below for new times. 

Regular Hours
Monday: Appointment Only**
Starting June 6
- 8:30am-4pm
9am - 4pm
Tuesday: Walk-in
Starting June 6
- 10am-1pm & 2pm-4pm*
11am - 4pm*
Wednesday: Walk-in
Starting June 6
- 10am-1pm & 2pm-4pm*
11am - 4pm*
Thursday: Walk-in
Starting June 6
- 10am-1pm & 2pm-4pm*
11am - 4pm*
Friday: Walk-in
Starting June 6
- 12pm-3pm*
9am - 12pm*
Upcoming Passport Services Closures
May 29, 2017 All Day
July 4, 2017 All Day
July 12, 2017 All Day
September 20, 2017 All Day
Passport Services will not be available on Faculty and Staff Holidays as the University will be closed. Please see the Texas A&M University Calendar for up to date information on University Holidays. As there are a limited number of Acceptance Agents, occasionally Passport Services may be temporarily unavailable without prior notice. Please call 979.845.0544 to verify hours.

*Due to the time it takes to process passport applications, we are unable to accept any applicants after 30 minutes before lunch or closing time.

**Call 979.845.0544 for more information. To schedule a Monday appointment, click here. All appointments must be made and confirmed by Study Abroad staff on or before the Friday preceding the appointment. Call  979.845.0544 to schedule an appointment. No appointment is needed for Walk-in Hours Tuesday through Friday.
At minimum you will need the following documents.
  • Passport Application (you can pick this up in our office or online at, use black ink only and print single sided)
  • Proof of US Citizenship: Long form birth certificate*, undamaged previous passport, OR certificate of naturalization
  • Proof of Identity: A Texas State issued ID or another state ID plus a secondary form of picture ID. All forms of ID must be valid.
  • Photo copy of ID, front and back: We can make the photo copy free of charge
  • Proof of parental relationship for minors 15 and younger: Birth certificate or adoption/custody decree. Documents cannot be photocopies.
  • 1 check or money order payable to the US Department of State: Checks must have your name and address pre-printed on them. No starter checks, no cash.
  • 1 check, money order, or credit/debit card payable to Texas A&M: Checks must have your name and address pre-printed on them. No starter checks, no cash.
  • 1 Passport quality photo: neutral expression, white background, no shadows, 2”x2”. Photos are available at our facility. For full requirements please go to-
*Birth certificates come in hundreds of variations. Long form birth certificates which include the hospital you were born in, your parents’ names, and your parents’ age at your birth or their birthdates, should be usable. Some states such as Colorado and Hawaii do not print long form birth certificates; in this case a short form will be acceptable. In many cases we will have to see the birth certificate in person to determine if it is usable. All birth certificates must have been filed within 1 year of birth. Please contact the Study Abroad Programs Office at 979.845.0544 if you have any questions.

Up to date information on the required documents:

Please be aware that the documents that will be required will depend on your circumstances. Please contact the National Passport Information Center at 1.877.874.2778 OR Study Abroad Programs Office at 979.845.0544 if you have any questions.
Fees are paid SEPARATELY to the following institutions.  
Overnight Mailing (to National Passport Office) $23.75

Fees for photos:

  • $10 for 2, 2”x 2” U.S. and E.U. passport sized photos.
  • $15 for all other sizes and the number of pictures will vary based on the size requested.
  • $5 for additional sheet of photo prints
  • $2 for digital copies. These will not be cropped to size requirements.
Please do NOT wear a white shirt, strapless top, or any type of uniform. Please be aware some light colored shirts may photograph as white. 

Glasses are not allowed in photos unless required for medical purposes and a doctor's note is required.

Although the Passport Services will do its best to take acceptable passport and visa pictures, we cannot guarantee that they will be accepted by the processing agency. The suitability of passport and visa pictures is subjective and is determined by the individual processing the document. The Study Abroad Programs Office is not responsible for the delays this may cause, but if your photo is rejected we will take another photo if you can provide our office with the rejection notice.

Photo fees must be paid via check (cannot be temporary), money order, cashier's check, credit card, or debit card. NO CASH.

Photo Style Requirements:

  • For U.S. Passport Photo Requirements please refer to the U.S Department of State website for up to date information.
  • For passport photo requirements for other countries or visa photo requirements please refer to the appropriate embassy or consulate website.

The following is a guide to help you through the passport application process: Passport Applications 101B.pptx

Additional Passport Information can be found at the U.S. State Department Passport Website:

  • All applicants must be present at the facility, this includes children and newborns.
  • For applicants 15 years of age or younger, both parents listed on the birth certificate need to be present
  • Black ink only
  • Single sided
  • No white-out
  • Only sign your passport application when an agent instructs you.
  • Leave white areas at the bottom of first page blank.
  • Parents’ names should be their name at their birth, not yours.
  • SAME may be written under permanent address if it is the same as the mailing address.
  • If your last passport was a 5 year (minor) passport, you may not use the renewal DS-82 application. You must visit a passport acceptance facility to have your DS-11 application executed. The 5 year passport can be used as proof of citizenship.
  • Do not sign the back of your check
  • The payments to U. S. Department of State and to Texas A&M University are separate. They may not be included on the same check or money order.
  • At least one check or money order is required. U.S. Department of State fees are only payable by check or money order.
  • Payment must be for the exact amount. Payments for incorrect amounts will not be accepted. Payments cannot be in cash.
  • Payment options differ at other facilities.
  • All documents must be original or certified copies. Photocopies or notarized copies will not be accepted.
  • US birth certificates must be government issued. Hospital issued birth certificates are not accepted. If it has footprints, it is a hospital issued birth certificate.
  • A Social Security card is not proof of citizenship. The number is required information on the application.
  • An expired US passport can be used for proof of citizenship as long as it is not damaged or lost.
  • No laminated birth certificates.
  • Minor must be present regardless of age.
  • For a child 15 or under, a birth certificate is required to prove parental relationship. This is true even if submitting a child’s expired passport as proof of citizenship.
  • The “Statement of Consent” form must be accompanied by a photo copy of the front and back of the government issued id presented to the notary.
  • White shirts are not recommended.
  • No uniforms of any type are allowed in the photo. 
  • No strapless tops in a photo. 
  • Glasses are not allowed in photos unless required for medical purposes and a doctor's note is required.
  • Hair must be unadorned unless it is for medical or religious purposes. Medical purposes require a doctor’s note and religious purposes require a signed statement of purpose.