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Withdrawal Policies

The information below is a general overview of the withdrawal policies for different programs. Please consult the full version in your program application for complete information specific to your program. “Confirming” your participation in a program represents your acknowledgement of financial responsibility. Most withdrawal policies are part of the online program application, however, some programs have their own. Make sure you read your withdrawal policy before confirming your participation.

Please contact your study abroad advisor for specific instructions. If you are withdrawing due to a medical condition, please inform your study abroad advisor immediately. If you provide the proper documentation, a portion of you withdrawal fees and non-recoverable costs may be reimbursable through the CISI insurance plan.
If a study abroad program is canceled due to unforeseen circumstances (i.e. natural disasters, war or civil unrest, posting of U.S. State Department Travel Warning against travel, or pandemic disease outbreaks), all efforts will be made to retrieve any funds already expended on a student's behalf.
All students on study abroad programs must be in good standing with the university and have at least a 2.0 GPA. If for any reason you do not meet these eligibility requirements before departure, even if you were initially accepted to a program, you may have to withdraw. In such a situation, the withdrawal policy of your program will apply and you will not be eligible for a refund.
The Study Abroad Programs Office has no control over airline payment and refund policies. If a student withdraws from a program after purchasing airfare, the student will need to contact the airline or travel agency directly.
If a student is concerned about his or her ability to participate on the program, it is recommended that the student purchase travel insurance. Such policies range in price. Students can search for additional information about these policies through the internet. Be sure to read travel insurance policies carefully, as not all provide the same benefits or amounts of coverage.
If you withdraw from a program, remember to also withdraw from your classes. The refund of tuition and fees upon withdrawal of a program is made according to Texas A&M University refund policies and procedures. If a student withdraws from a study abroad program, the student is responsible for withdrawing from the associated study abroad courses.
Once confirmed to your program, the withdrawal fees are the $400 non-refundable confirmation fee and all non-recoverable expenses. Non-recoverable expenses are the payments made on your behalf towards the program expenses. These may include hotel reservations, tickets to cultural events, and in-country transportation. Non-recoverable expenses will increase as the program departure date gets closer because many of these items have to be purchased in advance. Once the program has started the student is responsible for all program fees.
All faculty-led programs and field trips run by the Mays Business School have their own withdrawal policy. Please contact Natsuki Hara for more information nhara@mays.tamu.edu.
All faculty-led programs and field trips run by the College of Education and Human Development have their own withdrawal policy. Please contact Alice Zhang for more information alice.zhang@tamu.edu.
Payment and cancellation dates for REEP programs are tied to the Texas A&M University academic calendar, not the host institution's. If a student withdraws from a REEP after having committed to the program, the student must notify their study abroad advisor. A non-refundable $300 administrative fee will be charged and posted to your Texas A&M University student account if you withdraw from the program on/after the following dates:

Fall Exchange: May 1st or later
Spring Exchange: November 1st or later
Summer Exchange: April 15th or later

All other fees need to be discussed with your study abroad advisor.
Refer to the program provider's withdrawal policy. The student must contact the Study Abroad Programs Office AND the program provider to complete the withdrawal procedures. For students receiving transfer credit, the $100 Study Abroad Programs Office administrative fee is non-refundable.