Noah Stewart

Noah Stewart

Noah Stewart


Major - Finance

Study Abroad program - Faculty-led/REEP hybrid to Barcelona, Spain

Countries visited - Spain, Australia

Post-Study Abroad - Out of undergrad I was working at Ernst & Young, making rich companies richer. Over time, I lost interest in making rich companies richer and decided to follow a growing passion in start-ups. I applied to several Master degree programs around the world and landed on Sydney as it has the best program that matched what I was after.
While working on my Masters of Entrepreneurship & Innovation at the University of Sydney, I became friends with a few of my professors who were impressed with my background and asked if I would like to take on a job as a TA for undergraduate courses. These relationships built over time and once I finished my degree I was asked to apply for a full-time position within the Business School running the Entrepreneurship & Innovation Program. Two years later, I joined the Sydney Global Mobility team.


Study abroad helps you learn to be a more empathetic global citizen. There is a lot of hate in the world, but studying abroad can help you learn to be more patient and make less snap decisions of judgment. It helps you get away from stereotypes and understand that the world is a lot less black and white and more so full of gray. We need to become better listeners and studying abroad will help you do this.

However, make sure you pick somewhere you wouldn’t visit on a holiday later in your life. This is the time of your life when you have the most time and energy to do something big. In the future, you might have a partner, a mortgage and kids. Making a week long holiday to Europe will still be doable, but going farther to Australia/Asia/Subcontinent will be much harder. So take the leap of faith and study abroad on the other side of the planet!

  My time studying abroad in Spain planted the seed that I could perhaps take a leave of absence from the USA and set-up shop in another country for a little while. Before studying abroad, I never dreamt of packing up my bags, moving across the Pacific, and starting a life was a possibility.

Anyone can learn a skill, but few can say they’ve pushed themselves out of their comfort zone to pursue something they are passionate about. Employers are looking for graduates with the qualities of a "Global Citizen". In my interviews, I spoke to how I wasn’t afraid to challenge myself and took the leap to live and study in another country. Now, working in the Sydney Global Mobility team, I travel internationally for work 3-4 times per year.