Katherine Turner

Katherine Turner

Katherine Turner


Major - Mathematics

Study Abroad program - Adelaide, Australia REEP

Countries visited - Australia, Germany

Post-Study Abroad - I'm currently working on a Masters in Climate Physics-Meteorology & Physical Oceanography through GEOMAR/Christian-Albrechts University in Kiel, Germany. I didn’t originally want an international career. I changed to an international focus through a combination of factors. One, through my major change, since climate is an internationally-focused field, I will continue interacting with and hopefully traveling to foreign countries. For example, in 2015 I completed a research cruise while working for GEOMAR. We spent five weeks on the water between Cape Verde and Brazil.

Second, I have turned toward an internationally-focused career through my personal experience in another culture. I have discovered that I enjoy being displaced, as well as a lack of geographic stability, so I will continue looking for that in my career.


First off, studying abroad is an amazing experience and I loved it. If you go, you will look back on the experience fondly for the rest of your life. It is an amazing opportunity to stretch yourself. Traveling is a great habit to get into while you’re young, you have an awesome international community to be a part of.

For anyone wanting to study abroad: Never forget that you’re an ambassador for your country. Young people, mainly in hostels and mostly Europeans, judge Americans fairly easily. Some [Americans abroad] can get sucked into that and they start bashing the US too. Remember to be proud of the US, but appreciate the blessings you have being born an American. Be introspective and you will notice how your views change from being abroad and interacting with other international people.

Career-wise, I changed my field from Mathematics to Climate Physics, so that was a major impact from my study abroad. Living in Adelaide gave me a feel for their sustainable living which lead to my switch in career focus. The whole exchange made me more international, I now talk to people all over the world every day. I dated a guy from Germany, and I made an effort to learn German so that was a culture exchange in of itself.