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The Study Abroad Programs Office supports Texas A&M University's commitment to develop global leaders through transformational opportunities abroad.
We engage students, faculty, and staff to participate in high quality international experiences and prepare the A&M community for a diverse society.   

Study abroad encompasses a variety of international experiences, including study, research, internships, volunteer, and service learning programs. Study abroad opportunities are available for all students, freshmen through Ph.D. candidates. The various types of study abroad programs can be as short as a week or as long as an academic year. Students can be in a large group or study on an individual program.

Our study abroad statistics can be found on the following pages: Study Abroad Overview and Time to Degree

Studying abroad will broaden students’ intellectual and personal horizons, help them navigate in different environments, practice or perfect a language, and build a resume to help broaden career options.   
 See chart below for an explanation of services offered through the College Station Study Abroad Programs Office to Texas A&M Branch Campuses. Additional services may be available through students' home campus.
Advertising via Social Media and Listserv X X X X
Advising via Phone and Email X X X X
Guidance on Financial Resouces via phone or email X X X X
In-person Pre-Departure Orientations* X     X
Electronic Pre-Departure Orientations** X X X X
Emergency Support and 24-hour Phone X X X X
International Insurance Policy access X X X X
Electronic Returnee Programming X   X X
Online U.S. Passport Resources X X X X
In-Office U.S. Passport Services Students must come to College Station Pavilion Office to apply for a passport.
X = available to students
*Varies by program and availability. Not offered for all programs or program types.
**Electronic services include: PowerPoint slides, video messaging, email, and phone correspondence.